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Eco-friendly approach

An eco-friendly campsite so you can better enjoy the natural delights of the Landes

Here, at Le Moussaillon *** Campsite, we take the future of our planet very seriously. We take care to use environmentally friendly products: the 2 wash blocks are fitted with solar panels, we use low-energy bulbs while the cleaning and office products are eco-certified.

Clean energy icon at the campsite in Messanges


We use a low-energy heat pump to keep the pool water at the right temperature. Water in the main wash block is heated by solar energy. As part of our eco-friendly approach, we also use LED light bulbs, have an energy management system, and are already planning a transition to solar energy for some of our lighting.

Most of our equipment is not powered by fossil fuels. We prioritize non-motorised transport and cycling within the campsite.


We all know that water is essential for life so we optimize its use with water-saving devices, low-water shower heads, aerators, and are particularly vigilant about leaks and other water wastage.

We also regulate the amount of water used for cleaning.

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Green bin icon at Le Moussaillon campsite in Messanges

Minimizing waste

Human activity creates waste. It’s up to us to make use of it. So, here at Le Moussaillon Campsite, paper is recycled and we have a communal collection for organic waste which is composted.

We use eco-certified products and recycle waste; we also encourage our guests to recycle by providing different types of recycling containers.

Eco-conscious behaviour

Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to protect the environment by using the bins available in the campsite and not throwing rubbish or cigarette butts on the floor.

Nature is fragile and it takes many hours of work to maintain the campsite without using pesticides. Thank you for helping us protect our environment and for using eco-friendly transport wherever possible.

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Mousaillon ecologist mascot of the campsite in Messanges near Vieux-Boucau
Sustainable tourism logo

In 2012, Le Moussaillon Campsite became a signatory of the Pays Adour Landes Océanes Sustainable Tourism Charter. In 2017 we were awarded the Qualité Tourisme label. We do our utmost to help maintain the very high standards for which we received these awards.