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Discover the Landes by bike thanks to the Vélodyssée cycle route in Messanges

Couple of cyclists in a forest in the Landes near the campsite in Messanges

The Vélodyssée, the French section of the European EuroVélo network

The Vélodyssée, the result of a cooperative effort between local cycling clubs, local and regional authorities and organizations like the Office National des Forêts, crosses the length of France from Roscoff, in the north of Brittany, to Hendaye, in the Basque country. There are more than 1,200 km of cycle paths in total, crossing through forests and moors and running along the Atlantic coast.

The entire route is very safe, so families can enjoy a spot of worry-free bike touring along specially adapted paths.

The Landes, a fabulous region for bike rides

There are a number of cycling routes near the campsite. For example:

Léon - Seignosse route: This 27.3 km-long route consists of a dedicated cycle lane from which cars are banned. However, much of route runs alongside main roads so you won’t get lost but cars are never far away. This route is also suitable for bike racing.

Souston - Léon route: This route is an absolute must with an excellent cycle path away from any cars. After setting off from Léon, you’ll pass the villages of Moliets, Messanges and Vieux Boucau before you reach Souston, near the famous lake.

Exploring the region by bike is a real delight: after a leisurely stroll through forests and along the beaches, a nice dip in the Atlantic will help revive you before you head back to Le Moussaillon campsite.

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Vélodyssée's green routes through the Landes in Southern France